Today at NSC

March 20, 2014

Today I am working on sorting and compiling petitions that will be taken to Capitol Hill in the near future. Our supporters have made it clear that they do not want Congress to cut Medicare or Social Security. I will present your petitions to Congress to remind them who they work for. Please make sure you have signed and returned your petitions to Congress and the President, especially your “No Benefit Cuts” petition.

SebelliusPresident Obama has outlined his plan to cut the federal budget deficit and it is very bad news for America’s senior citizens. The plan relies heavily on cutting Medicare expenditures through an unelected board of bureaucrats established by Obamacare.

Under Obama’s proposal, the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) will be charged with being very aggressive in approving Medicare payments to doctors in order to save the government money.

“This is rationing, plain and simple,” warns Rob Crone, NSC’s National Director. “The IPAB is the star chamber of Obamacare. It is the Death Panel that Sarah Palin warned the country about.”

IPAB’s members are not elected by the public and their edicts on what doctors can and cannot be paid are almost impossible to be overruled by Congress.

“What will happen is the IPAB will slash Medicare payments so much, that no doctor can afford to treat Medicare patients,” Crone says. “This proposal will, in fact, end Medicare. And that is the Administration’s goal -- to grab hold of this program and wring every dollar it can out of it to pay for its much bigger Obamacare bureaucracy.”

NSC was one of the first organizations in the country to attack the formation of IPAB shortly after Obamacare’s passage in 2010.

“We have been warning people about this right from the beginning, and now the President wants to make IPAB a key part of his domestic agenda.”

Opposition to the IPAB is building across the country, Crone reports. “The American people are beginning to understand that the Obama Administration wants to place government price controls on healthcare. And, invariably, that leads to shortages.”

Obama likes to accuse Republicans and conservatives of trying to destroy Medicare when, in reality, it is his program of price controls, government regulation, and health care rationing that will ruin the program.

“The only way to stop this nonsense, frankly, is to repeal or, at least, to defund Obamacare,” Crone says. “We are committed to doing just that through massive grassroots action.”