Today at NSC

July 30, 2015

Yesterday Sean Ferritor, Supporter Relations Coordinator of National Seniors Council, accompanied by his legislative team, paid a respectful call on Marsha Blackburn's office. This gracious Republican Representative, who represents the 7th District of Tennessee, received us warmly.   Her staff was most kind, as well. We presented Congressman Blackburn with a beautiful, artistic award for her tireless efforts for supporting H. R. 603 - The Savings for Seniors Act of 2015.  We also presented signed petitions from our loyal supporters - Seniors such as yourself - it was a notable day for all Seniors!

Facing a sour economy and a federal government that seems increasingly hostile to the cares and concerns of senior citizens, the National Seniors Council’s leadership says it considers 2012 a pivotal year.

“The NSC board of directors has been taking a look at the political and economic environment and it is clear to us that 2012 will be the most important and difficult year for NSC,” explains Robert Crone, the Council’s National Director. “Seniors are scared. NSC’s fundraising is way off so we may have to scale back our programs next year and the Obama Administration seems determined to keep advancing its big-government anti-seniors agenda.”

Especially over the last few months, both membership renewals and contributions to NSC’s grassroots campaign efforts have fallen way below anticipated levels. Crone attributes that to senior citizens being under extreme economic stress.

“Our members have not had a CoLA in years. Inflation is killing them. Medicare cuts are making it harder for them to find doctors to treat them. It’s a nightmare for many senior citizens out there right now,” Crone explains. “However, it will only get worse if our members and supporters give up. Membership dues and contributions to NSC are an investment protecting everything that seniors fear they will lose because of Obama. Not contributing to NSC is like deliberately disarming yourself and letting the bad guys win.”

Crone points out that everyone at NSC and especially the Board of Directors understands the plight of America’s seniors. However, there are titanic battles ahead. “We expect an all out assault on Social Security and even private retirement savings next year,” Crone warns. “Saving Medicare from the Obama Administration will be a huge battle as well. That is why we need as many members to renew and to keep funding our grassroots lobbying efforts. If we fail, millions of senior citizens will lose everything.”

The Board has directed Crone to explain this perilous situation to NSC’s members. “My job over the next few months is to educate our members on how much is at stake in 2012 and how important it is for them to help NSC out. The more members and supporters we have, the more effective we will be. We have slowed the politicians down in the past and we will stand up to them again in 2012. However, in order to do that we need seniors to stand up for NSC.