Today at NSC

July 25, 2014

Legislative team went to a hearing yesterday on the future of Medicare. Witnesses there to explain how the drastic cuts from Affordable Care Act will affect companies and seniors in the upcoming years. The ruling found that we can either reduce benefits to seniors or we can increase premium costs. The committee did not like those choices. Soon after Senator Sam Johnson wrote a letter to the Social Security Administration about the failed IT program they wanted to implement and the $300 million dollar loss because of it.

Dear Fellow American,

We’re making progress!

Thanks to loyal supporters like you NSC is making a real difference in Washington, D.C.

We are delivering more petitions to offices on Capitol Hill each week than we ever have.

The Obama Administration is in nearly full retreat on the CLASS Act thanks to the pressure we helped put on it.

CoLA reform is even being discussed more and more thanks to NSC’s efforts.

All those surveys you have filled out and all those petitions and letters you have signed for me are paying off. Thank you for being a part of NSC!

We can’t let up, however. The Congressional SuperCommittee will be issuing its recommendations soon and it very well may call for drastic cuts to Social Security. If that happens, you can be sure the National Seniors Council will be ready to spring into action and fight back.