Today at NSC

June 30, 2016

Good Morning.  Today we are combing through comment mail which provides us with an opportunity to review our supporter's thoughts and opinions.  We appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to return our mailings to us.  A large measure of thanks to all of our dedicated backers.

While many seniors are no doubt angry about the results of this year's Presidential election and are scared for the future,  I just want to reassure you that the National Seniors Council will keep fighting for you.

In the coming months and years there will be huge battles over ObamaCare, Social Security, and even Obama's dream of establishing a new "national retirement system." Rest assured that we will be in the thick of things fighting like crazy.

Remember, the big-government liberals win ONLY if America's seniors give up.

Please don't give up.  If we all stand together we'll get through this and preserve everything that we've earned!