Today at NSC

February 10, 2016

Spotlight today on a bill of importance:  H.R. 1520 - Social Security and Medicare Lock-Box Act of 2015.  Mr. Sean Ferritor, head of our Legislative Staff, is tracking this bill, so you know that National Seniors Council is keeping this piece of legislation under close scrutiny.  We watch out for all seniors.

The National Seniors Council's goal is to serve the needs of a new generation of retireers in the new political reality of Washington, DC. We are a true grassroots, national organization that is committed to protecting the rights and everything that America's senior citizens have earned from the politicians in Washington, D.C.

If the AARP doesn't offer what you really need in retirement, then the National Seniors Council is for you.

Cruises? Rental Cars? Mutual Funds? Those things are nice but what today's seniors really need is an organization whose one and only purpose is to protect all they have earned.

And that organization is the National Seniors Council. Please join us!