Today at NSC

July 29, 2015

Seniors abroad in the land:  Our organization, The National Seniors Council, is well aware of the Congressional tide that often is anti-Social Security.  Our very own representative, Sean Ferritor, frequently attends hearings and attends seminars.  Why?  To present your case to the individuals that can vote in your favor.  Please continue to join our fight.  We ask you, again, to support H.R. 219 - it's your future!

     Congress is considering a massive bill that will change forever how Americans receive health care.  Government bureaucrats will decide which medical procedures are "cost effective", care will be rationed and senior citizens will have to meet with government end of life counselors every five years.  Sign the petition below and oppose this government takeover of the health care system by simply filling out the form below.

Vote NO on Government-Run Health Care
Petition To the Congress of the United States
Whereas: The government-run health care bill now being considered by Congress will slash Medicare making it harder, if not completely impossible, for America's senior citizens to see the doctors of their choice. 

Whereas: Under this proposed "reform" measure, government bureaucrats will use "comparative effectiveness research" to justify rationing health care. No longer will Americans and their doctors be allowed to make health care decisions themselves.  

Whereas: This bill will require senior citizens to meet with government end of life counselors who will badger and berate seniors into signing away their rights to receive life prolonging medical treatment in order to same the government money.

Therefore: I demand that the United States Congress REJECT President Obama's government-run health care bill.