Today at NSC

March 20, 2014

Today I am working on sorting and compiling petitions that will be taken to Capitol Hill in the near future. Our supporters have made it clear that they do not want Congress to cut Medicare or Social Security. I will present your petitions to Congress to remind them who they work for. Please make sure you have signed and returned your petitions to Congress and the President, especially your “No Benefit Cuts” petition.

PetitionsRobert Crone, the National Seniors Council’s new National Director pledges to keep NSC focused on grassroots lobbying while expanding the organization’s supporter base.

Crone, is a veteran of grassroots politics and senior citizen issues. Previously, he worked for another senior citizens advocacy group and is an expert in financial retirement planning.

Crone’s job is to oversee NSC’s operations, especially its grassroots advocacy program. That job has become much bigger and more complicated as NSC has grown over the past year.

Recently, Crone has been reviewing NSC’s activities and is now at a point where he can begin to implement his own ideas for the organization.

"My goal at NSC is really to keep doing the same thing, grassroots lobbying on issues of concern to senior citizens," he explains. "However, I want to do even more and to keep expanding our organization. The more supporters we have, the more influential we are in Washington."

To that end, Crone has approved an ambitious recruitment effort this fall and winter with the goal of adding tens of thousands of new supporters to NSC’s supporter rolls.

"Seniors are frightened by the Obama Administration and for good reason," Crone says. "Social Security and Medicare are both on the chopping block in order to pay for the liberals’ welfare programs and bailouts. Now is the time to recruit and mobilize America’s senior citizens. We need to fight back."

Crone says that this fall NSC is bombarding the media with press releases and is collecting thousands of petitions, letters and surveys from supporters all across the country.

I want to be sure every senior citizen understands the issues and what is at stake in Washington, D.C. before they go and vote," Crone says. "Seniors need to hold the politicians accountable for supporting the Health Control Law, raiding Social Security, keeping the Death Tax and destroying Medicare."

Currently, NSC is running campaigns lobbying in favor of a guaranteed Social Security Cost- of-Living Adjustment, campaigns against the Death Tax and numerous others.

"As we grow, I expect to be able to run more and more of these campaigns," says Crone. "I envision a day when the National Seniors Council is considered one of the most powerful grassroots lobbying groups on Capitol Hill. We are certainly already well on our way to meeting that goal."