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February 17, 2017

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Health Care Reform

The latest on the battle to stop government-run health care.

Grassroots lobbying led by the National Seniors Council helped pass Congressman Tom Price's Keep the IRS Off My Healthcare Act (H.R. 2009) through the House of Representatives before Congress left on its summer recess. The bill strips the IRS of the power to enforce ObamaCare and was introduced in the wake of the IRS scandal involving conservative and Tea Party groups.

The bill passed 232 to 185 thanks in no small part to massive public pressure to rein in the tax enforcement agency. "Leading up to the vote we were in direct communication with Congressman Price's Office and worked directly with the House Ways and Means Committee on this bill," reports NSC's National Director Robert Crone. "Ellen Carmichael from Congressman Tom Price's Office and Sarah Making from the conservative Republican Study Committee were especially helpful and positive during this whole battle. We are very thankful that this measure passed. Liberal Democrats fought us very hard but at least for now, grassroots Americans won the day."

Under ObamaCare, the IRS is responsible for policing compliance with the law's complicated insurance regulations and penalties. Once it became public that IRS agents were using their power to target conservative grassroots groups for harassment, Congressman Price as well as NSC's legislative team realized something had to be done to rein in the rogue agency.

"Our members realized quickly that if the IRS could target conservatives though the non-profit application process, then these crusading left-wing bureaucrats could do the same thing to individuals through ObamaCare. And that is terrifying," Crone explains.

Congressman Price pushed hard for his legislation but faced very stiff opposition from the White House and fanatical pro-Obama-Care politicians. "The very fact that 185 politicians actually voted to protect the IRS and allow its agents to police health care, especially in light of these scandals, is sad," Crone says. "But that's what we are up against. These people are fanatics. They are determined to seize control of healthcare and use that power to punish anyone who they perceive to be their enemies. It's going to take a lot more grassroots effort to beat them in the Senate to pass this measure."

Crone promises that NSC will continue to work hard and mobilize its members to pass the Keep the IRS Off My Healthcare Act in the Senate. "Our mission will be to keep seniors energized and help lobby the Senators on this issue," he says. "That's the only way we'll rein in the IRS and save our healthcare freedom and privacy."


The National Seniors Council is claiming a partial victory against Obamacare with the announcment by the Department of Health and Human Services that it is shutting down the controversial Community Living Assistance and Support Services (CLASS) Act, which was a brianchild of the late Senator Ted Kennedy.

The big government long-term care program is an integral part of President Obama’s massive Health Control Law. However, in recent months it has become clear that the program was not financial sound and could never work.

“I do not see a path to move forward with CLASS at this time,” wrote the program’s Administrator, Kathy Greenlee, in a letter to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

“The CLASS Act is a financial train wreck,” says NSC National Director Robert Crone. “NSC has been fighting for its reapeal ever since Obamacare was originally passed by Congress. We’re glad that the Administration understands what a disaster this program is.”

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As the 112th Congress convenes, the National Seniors Council is sending out a warning to all returning and newly-elected members of the House and Senate: Remember America’s senior citizens.

"Senior citizens last November voted overwhelmingly against President Obama’s radical agenda," explains NSC National Director Robert Crone. "They want this anti-senior citizen agenda rolled back. They want Social Security fixed, and they want government spending to be brought under control."

In November’s election, senior citizens voted overwhelmingly for Republican candidates who promised to repeal the Health Control Law and to stand up to the Administration on issues of taxing and spending.

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The National Seniors Council is taking the lead in criticizing ten Congressmen who voted not to repeal President Obama’s Health Control Law after voting against the measure last year.

"It is incredible that ten Democrats who said last year that Obamacare was a bad idea, are now defending this monstrosity," says NSC National Director Robert Crone. "Obamacare is wildly unpopular yet the members of the Turncoat Ten now feel obligated to support it. Nothing has changed from last year. These ten Members of Congress need to be held accountable for their votes. Opposition to repealing the Health Control Law is the same as supporting it."

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With health care and senior citizen issues taking center stage in this year’s elections and for the foreseeable future, the National Seniors Council is uniquely positioned to represent the interests of senior citizens.

"Barack Obama and his Health Control Law have changed everything," explains NSC National Director Robert Crone. "Politics and government lobbying are now more important than ever. Patient care organizations, medical research charities and anyone who is involved with servicing the needs of senior citizens had better be prepared to go to war with the government in order to accomplish their missions. Government now has its nose in everything and for senior citizens, that will often mean rationing of everything from medical care to the allocation of federal money for disease research. At NSC, we are prepared to fight on any and every front necessary."

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