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February 17, 2017

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Taxes and Government Spending

Breaking news concerning taxes and government spending and what NSC is doing to protect taxpayers.

As part of the Administration’s continuing drive to redistribute wealth, the National Seniors Council believes that tax-deferred contributions to retirement plans like 401(k)s and IRAs may very well be on the table in bipartisan budget negotiations going on right now between Congress and the White House.

NSC will vigorously oppose any such “compromise.”

Liberals in Washington have long maintained that the favorable tax treatment of such contributions is effectively a “subsidy” to people who can afford to save for retirement and is not only unfair but a significant cause of the current government debt crisis. Therefore, it is quite likely that some type of limitation on how much “wealthy” individuals will be allowed to save using these investment vehicles is being insisted on by the Administration.

Since President Obama first came into office his Administration has made no secret of its desire to overhaul the way Americans save for retirement. This new National Retirement System will force virtually all Americans into government-run Guaranteed Retirement Accounts and do away with private retirement accounts entirely. Congressional Democrats held hearings on this very issue in 2008, an alliance of labor unions and left-wing groups have founded Retirement USA, a non-profit lobbying group, and legislation limiting the ability of individuals to control their private savings is currently pending before Congress.

S. 1020, the Savings Enhancement by Alleviating Leakage in 401(k)Savings Act sponsored by liberal Senator Herb Kohl, specifically limits the rights of individuals to borrow from their own private retirement accounts and is a dangerous first step towards government control over all private retirement savings. NSA opposes this legislation and will fight any effort to reintroduce it or any similar type of bill in the next Congress which convenes in January.

We urge all Americans who oppose this new National Retirement System scheme to sign our online petition and to contact their representatives in Congress. While the confiscation of private savings will not happen tomorrow, the Administration is laying the groundwork for this scheme right now by attempting to limit the ability of all Americans to take care of themselves and save for their futures independent of the federal government.



The hated Death Tax will again be the focus of attention for both Congress and the National Seniors Council in 2011.

The NSC legislative team believes that a complete repeal of the Death Tax is possible this coming year thanks to the election of more Death Tax opponents to Congress as well as President Obama’s obvious desire to get the economy back on track in order to secure his own reelection.

"The Death Tax has always been very unpopular," explains Robert Crone, NSC National Director. "The American people hate the idea that the government can profit from their deaths. However, liberals in Congress and in the media have been very good in framing the Death Tax issue in class warfare terms. In reality, though, the Death Tax hurts all Americans and ruins family businesses."

NSC plans to push the Death Tax issue in its upcoming grassroots lobbying efforts and through its public relations campaigns.

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Renowned  deficit-hawk and taxpayer advocate U.S. Senator Tom Coburn has been appointed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to serve on President Obama’s newly-formed deficit reduction commission. Senator Coburn will no doubt defend the interests of senior citizens during the commissions’ upcoming discussions about how to reduce the federal budget deficit.

PetitionsRobert Crone, the National Seniors Council’s new National Director pledges to keep NSC focused on grassroots lobbying while expanding the organization’s supporter base.

Crone, is a veteran of grassroots politics and senior citizen issues. Previously, he worked for another senior citizens advocacy group and is an expert in financial retirement planning.

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Members of the House of Representatives next year will have tens of millions of dollars more to spend on "franked" or taxpayer funded mailings to constituents. 2010 is an election year and House leaders say politicians need more money to run their offices during the campaign season. Franked mail and office expenses, including staff, are not supposed to be used for campaign activities, however.